We know how distressed and confused you feel when you touch over your trouser pocket, and you don't feel your cell phone, you check inside, and you don't find it, it's lost and possibly you don't remember leaving it on the table of that restaurant at the you've just eaten. But there is nothing to fear, fortunately our mobile location application offers the solution.

Follow A Cell Phone

The excellent GPS system allows fast and easy mobile tracking, without a lot of effort. Unfortunately, many users forget to make regular backups, and when their mobiles are lost, they are left without the possibility of recovering those important files.

If that is the case, it is necessary to remain calm, and register in our application to start tracking. This way, the system will be able to establish a map using the coordinates of the network, provided by the phone to obtain a precise location, and point out where it is located in real time.

Automatic mobile location allows many users to retrieve the mobile later of having forgotten you in libraries, restaurants, or shops, and is also useful in the event of a robbery, since it offers the exact location of the telephone, to locate the assailant, to catch him in company of the authorities and retrieve the phone.

Aprende a localizar un móvil extraviado

Opciones para buscar móvil con nuestra aplicación

Options to search mobile with our application

The global coverage of the GPS system makes our application very effective and easy to use, in addition, its use is anonymous and provides a lot of accuracy to locate mobile no matter what country you are in. The configuration is automatic and the results can be obtained quickly without waiting for the telephone companies to process the information.

Recursos disponibles para rastrear un móvil

Resources available to track a mobile

It is important that you are informed about the possibilities that a person has to track mobile anywhere, any device with a SIM card can be located, mainly mobile and tablet. The use of these alternative methods to GPS, which use radio frequencies emitted by the telephone signal, provide accurate information in real time, for that reason the police and other state forces take advantage of this tool for their operations.

Señal GSM

GSM signal

The GSM location is very useful if you have not activated the GPS of the mobile before losing it. Since it is based solely on information from the telephone network, thrown by each device connected to an operator, with an active SIM card, able to receive and send data through frequencies directed by antennas. The GSM location method is an alternative that has helped police authorities obtain vital information from the origin of calls from extortionists and other criminals, who use mobile phones disconnected from the Internet and without active GPS location to avoid being located.

Conexiones inalámbricas WIFI

Wireless WIFI connections

Another alternative available in the use of this application, allows to locate mobile through WIFI networks, using cookies and other data thrown by the device tracked, which are stored in the network, and determine their location, so it is not necessary that the GPS location is activated, it can also be tracked through wireless internet connections.

Data protection when searching for a phone

A guarantee that generates peace of mind and confidence in those who use our application.

It is the total protection of your data, in high security servers, which will maintain the identity of users under anonymity, thus preventing anyone from finding out who has been tracking him. Under no circumstances do we share our users' information with third parties, so once you've used the service, the information is temporarily recorded in our servers to maintain the stability of the operation when tracking mobile, and offer greater accuracy in the search, constantly improving the quality of the application without compromising the privacy of the community.

Characteristics of the locate mobile service

Easy to use: Users do not need to have special knowledge to use the application, the system is simple and the process is automatic.

Anonymous: The data protection of our users is totally confidential. guaranteed on very secure servers, we do not share your information with third parties.

Honesty: We don't offer fake functions, locate mobile has allowed many users to recover their devices after having lost them.

Experience:The application has been developed by experts with extensive experience in mobile tracking, via GPS, GSM and WIFI.

How to locate a mobile

The instructions for use of our application are not complicated, you can follow them without previously studying the functioning of GPS location systems or telephony, the configuration is automatic and the start of the crawl begins with just a click.

Purchase the service: The first thing you need to do is purchase a package of locations at https://locatemyphone.app which allows a certain number of uses depending on the price, each of the options offers real-time monitoring service, and is fully compatible with most mobile devices and tablets on the market. All mobile phone networks are also compatible with the application, and GPS location and GSM tracking options are also enabled, to offer the highest possible accuracy to the user.

Create personal account: After selecting the preferred package to locate mobile, you can create a user account using email. The personal information needed to monitor the selected locations will be stored there, and search for a phone in real time through the different options enabled in the system, with data protected and encrypted on a secure platform, to ensure user privacy.

Use the service: From that moment on you only need to select the method of payment and confirm the purchase to start enjoying the service, you will receive an email with the successful registration notification and detailed instructions use and operation of the application. You will be able to enable the methods of location that more in specific situations, register several devices at the same time, and observe your locations in real time.

Follow a phone

Enter the mobile number and locate the mobile phone.

Perfect tool to track a family mobile phone

These tools are especially useful for parents who need to know where your children are, as their safety is one of their concerns. of any family. You can get live information on where they are located. at any time of the day, check to see if they leave school early and deviate on their way home, escape to a party or they're on the bus back home, stuck in traffic.

Locate a mobile as parental control: The worry can start when the child does not report home for several hours, or it is time to eat after school and she's not back yet, maybe she's still at school or at a friend's house, but anxiety is best eliminated, so you can locate the child's cell phone and know if he's on his way home or somewhere else without authorization.

GSM signal to triangulate calls and messages: Children may be rebellious and do not answer messages or calls, but no matter, the GSM location allows the mobile to send and receive information from the telephone antennas, so you can obtain in real time the origin of the signal. of the phone and know where it is.

Satellite GPS coordinates: GPS location can also be very useful, in case the mobile has the option enabled. Needless to say, any guy today is unable to leave home without his cell phone on him, this is because technology has become part of us, through the GPS function, the system of https://locatemyphone.app can obtain precise coordinates of location of the registered mobile.

Tracking cookies in networks WIFI: You can also have the alternative in connections wireless WIFI, to track mobile through wireless connections that allow you to recognize and find easily to your children. For this reason, tracking your children's mobile is the most effective and discreet way to know where they are, regardless of the time of day. It's unthinkable for kids to leave home without their phone, and the need to keep you connected. The Internet forces them to use wireless connections, location and also GSM telephony services, the three alternatives used by the application to locate mobile in a short time.

The Evolution of Services to Find Lost Phone

Searching for phone through GPS or GSM signal until a few years ago could be considered as a difficult method and unreliable to retrieve it, the locations were inaccurate and the service of the few companies that they had the necessary tools was too expensive.

But this has changed, localizing mobile has made a high-tech application available to the public, useful in helping people to recover their belongings after they have accidentally lost them or suffer a robbery. Just imagine that this was the subject of police and intelligence agencies until recently tells us that there are no more secrets on the network, and any device can be located.

Precautions when locating mobile If you have recently suffered an assault, and the thieves have stolen the mobile phone, you must immediately notify the police, communicate with the operator to report the situation and ask for the device to be blocked, and then use our application. to determine where the mobile is located.

Don't expose yourself to unnecessary risks: It is very important that you don't go in search of the mobile without company of the authorities, as it could be dangerous to meet the assailants again, although they probably have. sold at a low price to anyone, it is best to avoid risks and not to expose yourself to danger.

Traditionally look for a phone: In other cases, you may lose the device. accidentally during a party, eating, jogging and even inside your own home and don't remember where you put it. There is nothing to worry about, the best option is to try to call the mobile, is an effective way to hear the ringtone, although it can be a problem if you have silenced.

In that case, don't worry, using the application you will be able to discard options, if it is shown in real time inside your house, then you know that it is only a matter of looking for more in the corners, furniture and room, there is no need to call the police or the telephone operator.

Begin tracking lost mobile today

Under any circumstances, the important thing is to remain calm and prevent these unpleasant situations with a package of application locations, tailored to the needs of someone who can not lose their mobile. We understand that communication is vital in the current rhythm of life, and losing the phone can cause us to lose valuable time.

You simply need to enter https://locatemyphone.app see what functions we offer, what is the operation of the system to locate mobile, and register your user to choose the best option, we offer multiple packages that allow you to have some limit of real-time tracking for each device, with all the functions enabled to provide accuracy in the search.

After registering the personal user, you will be able to start locating mobile phone by entering the corresponding number in the main field of the system, including the area code, the configuration of parameters and processes is automatic, just by clicking on the search button, the application will start working.

The software will validate the information and start processing available data from the requested device. GPS location coordinates will be used, although it is not a problem if the function is disabled, since the platform will receive GSM telephone information to triangulate the location, and obtain data in precise coordinates of the mobile signal, or taking advantage of cookies in WIFI connections to display on the map.